Your ever-growing need for higher productivity is the starting point for everything we do at Drottningholms. To help keep you a step ahead, we’ve gathered state-of-the-art equipment, modern vehicles and deep know-how under a single roof. The whole idea is to support you with a convenient, single source for advice and solutions to your problems, combined with the right equipment and driver for each job.


Nearly 30 years have passed since I founded Drottningholms Entreprenad AB, often referred to as simply as Drottningholms. My ambition then, as now, is to serve construction companies with the right equipment and best drivers. From the start, we’ve had our base on Ekerö, an island near central Stockholm, but we are expanding our business with great success throughout the Stockholm-Mälardalen region. My goal is that we should always keep a customer-centric focus, providing a unique level of expertise and unrivaled service.

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge in the form of advice, consultation and planning while we get on with the everyday work together with you. Our aim and driving motivation is that you, as a customer, should always be satisfied.

Today, we’ve built up a reputable business with 70 employees and a variety of satisfied, and thus repeat customers. In addition to our construction operations, the Group consists of two other subsidiaries: Drottningholms Real Estate and Drottningholms Industries, which manage the company’s land holdings and buildings.

My ambition is that Drottningholms shall continue to be a modern, forward-thinking enterprise, fueled by great enthusiasm and knowledge, in our efforts to achieve ambitious new goals. Our aim is to always be supporting our customers by staying at the forefront of development, in terms of technology, knowledge, service, environment and quality.

We invite you to read on to see how we can benefit you.

Peter Faerden
CEO and owner